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2 Days, 2 Fails

I got a request for some work. Two piece each one saying over 24hrs to complete. Ok, no biggie. I know this machine can do a 58hr straight job with the same material. Err.

This was supposed to be a low-poly bull. Not so much. Interestingly enough, it seemed to have failed at the same height, twice.

So what do I do at this point? Well, go back to basics. Check the bed tramming(levelling), verify everything is within spec and the try the second model I need to print, while investigating the first model.

I'll scrutinize the model a bit more, just to make sure it's not broken anywhere that the software doesn't already look. This is unlikely though.

As of this writing, I've re-trammed the bed, and did notice that the left side stepper motor was a bit off. These little indicators that I printed and added have truly been useful! Each line you see represents 0.1mm. With one on each of the z-axis stepper motors, as long as they are always pointing to the same line, then they are in sync. When they don't, then there is a problem. In this case, the left one was off by a notch. So I do a quick adjustment and they are back again. Re-do the measurements of bed height and tramming then fire her up again.

This is an interesting journey for sure!

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