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Even after successful testing, problems can occur

I got this really cool 'red silk' filament to print with. I figure I'll print a bunch of things for Valentines Day with it. So off to do my testing.

Success! Looks good! Alright, let's do a test print.

Another good looking print. Although I only did it with 15% infill(i.e. not solid). So I tweaked the settings and decided to setup a print of 4. I should note that I left the shop and came back 3hrs later to setup the longer over-night print.

And suddenly the process acted like the nozzle was too close to the bed?? I changed no settings that should have caused this. After 2hrs of screwing around, trying to get it to print, I gave up at 12:15am, shut down everything and went home. I was done for the night.

Now I'm back here, trying again. After a bunch more failures, it's finally.....FINALLY printing like I expected it should!

Once this completes, I'll try the multiple-unit print again.

In case you ever wonder why you pay so much for work, this type of education 'costs' equally as much as any University program does. Us makers work hard to help bring ideas and concepts to life.

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