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Hamilton Art Crawl

Hey All,

It's been a moment, much has happened in my world so lets see what we can do to keep things updated.

I've closed the shop on Nash Rd. Like everyone else, things have been slow so adjustments were made. While I've scaled back on the 'shop area', I have also got a second printer. Definitely helps out in keeping up with any production demands.

If you weren't aware, I have been reasonably active on Instagram. Head on over and follow!

Recently I've gotten into making keychains. Specifically, two colour ones. They are turning out great!

These particular ones were just test to get an idea and some feedback. From that, I got some work to go for a local Nigerian Restaurant, Tolagos.

So be sure to come down to the Hamilton Art Crawl on May 12 and see what else we've done by then :)

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