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Hello World!

I’m rather excited about this chance to become truly interactive with the world around me. 3D Print is one of the most exciting technologies of the day and continues to evolve and surprise us.

I was just reading These playful desk accessories were 3D-printed using recycled food packaging and I really got it. I mean, I understood the need to find use for waste material from the former 3D Printers I had.

Allow me to explain how the waste is produced first.

When you create something to print, sometimes you need to create supports to help hold a part in place so that it doesn’t fall or droop. For example, you cannot 3D Print something in the middle of the air. Below is an example of a properly supported model and one that is not. You could see that the second simply could support it’s own weight during the printing process.

All that support material is now nothing but waste. So what can you do with it? That is the question I aim to find out. I have some ideas, so do keep watching here for them to emerge.

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