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I ain't even mad.

Came into the shop this morning to this little mess.

I immediately figured it had to be a hardware failure as I've printed this same file with this same filament a few times already. After some testing found the culprit.

See that 'rectangle spot'? Yeah, that's a flat spot on the part that rolls. Means the wheel stuck and was dragged along. Wouldn't take much to throw off the print but that did it. Luckily they are like $1.95 to replace. Grabbing 10 of them for spares. My Ender 5 Plus uses 11 all told.

Ah well, no more printing today. Will go to the store and pick them up(which is by where I live) so not interested in driving back down here again today. Nothing critical needs to be done at the moment. We'll try again tomorrow :)

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