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I can now say who those Lithopanes were for!

I can now reveal who I did the Lithopane Prints for :). None other than Erik Estrada…..aka Ponch from the CHPs tv show in the 80s.

Utterly wild that I got to meet a TV start that I idolized when I was young, not to mention actually doing 3D Printing for him. I gave it to him as a gift and I insisted on it being so. I even stated I didn’t want any promotion, just the chance to give back to someone who gave me some good entertainment and ‘hockey card in the wheel’ bicycling. Shortly after he received it, he asked me to print two others so he can give them as gifts to some of his friends. Those ones he was happy to pay for. Suffice to say, this has been amazing and he’s been incredibly kinda and generous.

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