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Let’s talk 3D Printed housing.

(3D printed house in Germany)

3D Printed houses are finally….FINALLY getting there. Not ‘there’ as in ‘stable’ but ‘there’ as in ‘becoming a reality’.

Habitat For Humanity is currently building 4 3D Printed houses, that are supposed to be done this summer.

This project will result in four units, in a self-contained home – a four-plex design.  These homes will be accessible, net zero ready and will comply with local planning and building regulations for residential use.

I can only hope to see a fast growth of this technology as I really, reeeeealy want to live in a 3D printed house! Seems fitting :)

Nidus3D fully believes in the power of 3D Printed Homes:

When operating at full capacity, the concrete printer can produce half a storey to a full storey a day, depending on the complexity and scale of the printing job. Even taking into account time on either end to set up and take down the printer, 3D printing methods roughly halve the time it would take to construct the same home manually

Of course I’d make sure a garage would be included. I mean, where else would I park my 3D Printed/AI Designed car? :D

Would you buy a 3D Printed House?

  • 0%Yes

  • 0%No

  • 0%Depends on how feasible it is for me

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