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Printing on plain glass

A bit of a setup with printing background.

With 3D printers that extrude melted plastic, the plastic has to be able to stick to the surface it prints on. The glass plate that comes with my printer has a 'textured' side, the idea being it aid with adhesion.

When I was using the 'Value' brand filament from 3D Printing Canada, that texture didn't help with adhesion. So, the next little trick is to use either a Gluestick or Hairspray. Seriously. I went with the Gluestick option. Then the prints started sticking to the bed better.

The next issue was still getting the extrusion consistent across the whole plate. It seemed that my particular plate was taller int he middle because I could get a nice patter on the 4 corners but then the middle was not right. So my glass bed was 'warped'. Keeping in mind that I've only had the printer about 2 weeks at this point. The company I bought it from is quite hands off on warranty and will only do what their supplier supports....and they don't support warped glass beds. This is the reality when dealing with Chinese companies. There's no accountability on companies outside of our country and the retailer I bought from doesn't care enough either. Pretty much nailed the fact that I will never buy anything of serious money from them because of this. They somehow don't see that the LTV (LifeTime Value) of a customer far outweighs any minor support. Their loss.

I had noted that on some of my prints that when it went outside the area where the glue stick covered. They were much shinier of course and still stuck to the glass. So I did a test on plain glass. Came out super nice and stuck just fine with the new role of filament I bought from Amazon from a company called Sunlu.

So realizing that prints are working very well with this filament on plain glass, I'm looking forward to doing more!

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