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Sometimes it's the simple solutions

I can honestly say that it's clear I'm a fan of technology. I have one of the fastest rising pieces of tech at my disposal right now. Despite clearly being involved in such cutting edge tech, solutions for problems are not always so complicated that you need to create a Rube Goldberg machine.

An issue arose where the wiring/split loom was slowly leaning ever more towards the right side of the machine. It got the point where it would hit the end stop switch. This switch is the one that tells the machine it has gone as far as it has gone to the right, so stop moving but with the wire hitting it, and not the print head, suddenly the machine thinks it's done and still has 350mm to go to the left, but in reality, it only has 200. So the machine then 'crashes' into the left and causes mayhem.

ZipTies to the rescue!

After some research I found a nice and simple solution. I bought a pack of the large/thick zip-ties and used one of them as the 'main' support for the wiring harness. Then loosely zip-tied the harness to it. Simple, effective and flexible enough to get the job done.

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