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THIS is how you celebrate friends and family!

Luna was clearly a friend who had much love given to her. A client(You'll have to wait to find out who that was, you'll never guess!) ask if I could print an image. I said I certainly can and this is how it turned out.

Ok, so you are thinking that this is probably not such a great result right? Let me turn on the light.

How does it look now? :)

This style of 3D Printing is called a Lithopane. Simply put, the 'thick' parts of the print act as shadows/shading for the light behind it, thus producing a positive from a negative.

I painted the ends of the letters chrome and assembled all the electronic pieces by hand. Burn Blisters from soldering, and more than. a few swear words, were had, but this is expected.

The LED lights are plugged into a USB battery pack, which coincidentally also works to recharge your phone/devices. So this is quite multi-functional :)

Here is a little vid showing it.

There really aren't many limitations for this kind of creativity :)

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