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You never know what any given day can be like.

On Reddit, there are some sub-Reddits where people request thing to be printed or designed. This one user posted an image of a 3D printed Sharpie lid that had a hole in the top so it could be hung on a Lanyard. Totally practical at events where people need things like this to mark off items and such.

I thought this looked like a cool idea and I wanted to develop some more design skills. So I went hunting around the office to a Sharpie, did some measurements and off I went to Shapr3D app on my iPad.

OK, the design was done. Now I had to share it. I went to Thangs and uploaded the model there. Then I shared it back to the user who requested it and said I just designed it, haven't tested it yet but it's currently printing. He grabbed it and started a print of it as well.

I'll update this post once the print job is done and see how it turned out. In either case, it was fun to do!


It works! Such a fun little project to do.

Note: I printed this in the lowest resolution for testing. Any real prints would look smoother. This is what prototyping is all about.

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